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  • 2019 Full Series (with recordings)

    Contains 6 Product(s)

    $900 (members) and $1,500 (non members)

    Full Series includes 8 Webinars:

    1. Risk Based Benefits Today & In the Future
    2. DSO Growth and Direction
    3. Trends in Employer & Consumer Perspectives on Dental Benefits
    4. Tele-orthodontics - The Future is Here  - Implications for Dental Plans
    5. Developments in Interdisciplinary Treatment
    6. Overcoming Impediments to Use of Electronic Transactions-An Industry Primer
    7. Challenges & Best Practices in Directory Validation
    8. Network Challenges (Credentialing/Leasing) --What's Next?

    Dates and Times TBD.

  • Interprofessional Practice (2019)

    Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 12/17/2019

    Members - $100 | Non Members - $195

    Recognizing that many patients experience challenges with accessing traditional dental care, Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation funded the Colorado Medical Dental Integration (CO-MDI) Project in 2015. CO-MDI's goal is to expand access to dental care by integrating dental hygienists into medical settings. CO-MDI has integrated over 35 dental hygienists into medical care teams across Colorado. Integrated dental hygienists have provided over 70,000 full-scope dental hygiene visits at medical visits.  Dr. Braun will discuss the CO-MDI model and lessons learned.  Visit to access the CO-MDI toolkit.

    Patricia A. Braun MD, MPH, FAAP

    Professor of Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Public Health and Dental Medicine, University of Colorado

    Patty Braun is a Professor of Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Public Health and Dental Medicine at the University of Colorado. Dr. Braun conducts oral health disparity research and evaluation at the Adult and Child Consortium of Research and Dissemination Science.  She is leading the evaluation of the Colorado Medical-Dental Integration Project and SMILES Dental Project. She is currently the Chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section of Oral Health Executive Committee. Dr. Braun has also been a practicing pediatrician at Denver Health, a large safety-net healthcare system, for 23 years. She can be reached at