Strengthening the Payer-Provider Connection: Leveraging the Power of AI to Improve Oral Health (Recording)

Strengthening the Payer-Provider Connection: Leveraging the Power of AI to Improve Oral Health (Recording)

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Recorded On: 04/13/2023

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly apparent, the dental industry recognizes the potential benefits of implementing AI to streamline their processes and improve the patient experience. AI is not only transforming the way providers and payers work together but has the potential to enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes significantly. Join us for a webinar where we'll explore the powerful payer-provider connection enabled by AI and the many ways it is transforming oral health for members. You'll gain valuable insights into how this innovative technology is reimagining manual processes for dental insurers, improving the connection between payers and providers, and ultimately enhancing the quality of care for patients.

Christopher Balaban, DMD, MSc, FACD

Vice President of Clinical Affairs


Dr. Christopher Balaban is the vice president of clinical affairs for Overjet, one of the industry's top leaders in dental artificial intelligence. Dr. Balaban has written numerous articles on artificial intelligence and its application to dentistry, published in Compendium, IDH, IDT, and JADA. Dr. Balaban is a leading contributor to the ADA’s seminal white paper on Augmented Intelligence, where he leads the authorship of the Clinical Use of Dental AI section. He holds a master’s degree in biomedical science and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University’s Goldman School of Dental Medicine, where he had a faculty position in the department of general dentistry at the rank of a clinical instructor.

Ankit Khandelwal

Engagement Director


Ankit is an Engagement Director with Overjet’s insurance practice, working closely with all insurance clients to drive product adoption and business value. As an early employee with Overjet, he has been closely involved in how Overjet creates value through improved payer operations, enabling UR efficiency, and reducing costs by leveraging its industry-leading AI and dental consulting services arm for its payer clients.  

Before joining Overjet, Ankit was with Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy & Analytics practice, focusing on leading digital transformations for Fortune 100 healthcare clients. He has over 10 years of experience working in the healthcare insurance industry across several domains, including claims operations, member and provider experience, and utilization management. He has spent the last five of those ten years designing scalable AI solutions to reduce payer operational costs in claims and customer service, improve provider network onboarding, and increase member satisfaction. He is passionate about how transformative technologies like AI interact with healthcare to make it more affordable and accessible.

Ankit holds a master’s degree in information systems from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Mumbai, India.

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Strengthening the Payer-Provider Connection: Leveraging the Power of AI to Improve Oral Health (Recording)