Legislative Tracking Training (LOTS) - recording

Legislative Tracking Training (LOTS) - recording

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Recorded On: 11/30/2021


As a free, exclusive service for members, NADP’s legislative tracking vendor StateScape will provide a training seminar on the effective use of the Legislative Online Tracking System (LOTS), followed by an interactive Q&A session. LOTS is a powerful online tool that allows users to track state and federal legislation and regulations. This seminar will not only showcase the tool’s most essential features, but also demonstrate how to effectively customize the platform to provide the most relevant search results without overwhelming the user with extraneous information. After the presentation, members will be able to ask questions and see answers explained interactively and in real time by a StateScape expert.

Kaylee McNeil

Associate Director, Client Relations and Research Coordination


Kaylee McNeil brings her in-depth understanding of company research services to better inform her role as liaison between StateScape, their clients, and their expert research team by developing relationships, providing guidance and support, and ensuring all requests are being met daily. With years of experience in policy advocacy and analysis, she specializes in providing detailed research for client tracking and internal efficiency at StateScape.  

Prior to joining StateScape, Kaylee was a research fellow on a Virginia gubernatorial campaign, and assisted on the policy team for groups including the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. She holds a master’s degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Philosophy and Social Policy from the George Washington University. Her thesis on vaccination policy was accepted by the 2016 Society of Women in Philosophy (SWIP) conference in Galway, Ireland where she presented her research to an international audience.


Legislative Tracking Training (LOTS) - recording