What’s Going on In Dental? Big Data Trends You Should Know (2018)

Recorded On: 11/28/2018

Accurate, quantifiable, information is vital for payers as they seek to win in today’s marketplace and operate at peak efficiency. In this breakout session, P&R Dental Strategies will illuminate the dental terrain from the perspective of “Big Data.” P&Rs team of analytics experts will share the latest trend insights to illustrate shifts in utilization, the work force as well highlight future trends and what steps payers may take now.

  • See utilization trends to better develop strategic and tactical plans
  • Glimpse the latest group practice & DSO penetration trends
  • Understand the impact of the latest technology on dental payers
  • Gain perspective on current fraud, waste and abuse challenges and what can be done about them.

About the Data

P&R Dental Strategies trends and insights are derived from DentaBase®, our multi-payer database containing aggregated claims data from over 60 dental payers across the U.S. including large national for-profits, not-for-profits and regional payers. The statistically valid DentaBase® data set contains over 2.4 billion records — adding 75 million per quarter — and represents over 165,000 U.S. dentists (current) from every state in the country.

Ty Hamilton

Chief Operating Officer, P&R Dental Strategies

Ty is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the company’s claims review and informatics activities. Ty has spent over twenty-five years in medical, dental, vision and other specialized insurance program operations, where she has successfully managed a variety of commercial and public dental programs and has implemented multiple data-driven solutions for quality assurance and quality improvement. Ty has held senior leadership positions with several commercial dental insurance companies, served as the Executive Director of the Texas Healthy Kids Corporation, and served as the Deputy Commissioner, Life/Health Group for the Texas Department of Insurance.

Michael Urbach

President, P&R Dental Strategies

Mike is responsible for overseeing all aspects of growing the business including sales, marketing, and business development activities. Mike has over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare informatics space and has developed and successfully sold a variety of informatics solutions to all stakeholders in the healthcare marketplace including payers, providers, suppliers, and consumers. Mike has worked at informatics companies large and small, public and private, including HCIA, Solucient, Pharmetrics and IMS Health. Mike has a BA from Syracuse University and an MBA and an MHA from the University of Pittsburgh.


What’s Going on In Dental? Big Data Trends You Should Know (2018)
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