Keys to Dental Industry Use of Diagnostic Codes (2018)

Recorded On: 12/06/2018

Diagnostic coding use in dentistry has been talked about for several years.  Its regular use remains elusive, but there is a small but growing number of dentists providing this information regularly when submitting claims.

Medical plans and clinicians have obtained and used diagnostic codes for approximately 20 years.  They have helped plans develop guidelines and have become a critical element in research to determine best practices, preferred outcomes, decision support tools and efficient purchasing.

This webinar will discuss the challenges and opportunities for dental plan use of diagnostic coding.  It will discuss where they are currently being used.  If current use expands only within this limited market segment, it has the potential for significant impact on the direction, type, and availability of dental care as well as future plan design and payment mechanisms.  Development of tools and techniques for obtaining broader use of diagnostic codes may be important to the entire dental community, including plans, clinicians, and the members/patients they serve.

Dr. Mark Jurkovich

Chair, ANSI SNODENT Maintenance Committee

Dr. Jurkovich has received a DDS, MBA and MHI from the U of MN. He practiced clinically for 40 years, is a former President of the Minnesota Dental Association and a former member of the Code Maintenance Committee. He regularly works in the areas of information exchange and effective terminology use.  He chairs the ANSI SNODENT Maintenance Committee as well as serving on and working with many standards organizations including SCDI and SNOMED International.  He is one of a small number of individuals worldwide to have received a certificate in SNOMED CT Implementation training.


Keys to Dental Industry Use of Diagnostic Codes (2018)