*FREE* Teledentistry.com - A Value Added Benefit (recording)

Recorded On: 08/26/2020

Teledentistry has been a topic that has generated a lot of interest over the last several years. However, because of the worldwide pandemic, its relevance and importance has grown tremendously. Many dental insurers were not covering teledentistry visits and this crisis caused them to re-evaluate their policies. Many saw their claims volume drop 70-80% from March through May when most states ordered dental practices to close for all but emergency care. Insurers are looking for ways to add value for their clients and their members at a time when their brokers and salespeople are not conducting face-to-face meetings. Teledentistry.com provides members 24/7 access to a dentist 365 days a year through the convenience of a telephone or video conference on a smartphone or computer.  

Among the topics that our speaker will discuss is how insurers can add add teledentistry benefits with:  

1) No IT integration needed

2) No pmpm or monthly costs

3) 24/7 coverage for their members

4) Live synchronous consult with a dentist- anytime, anywhere

5) How Emergency Room Divergence program saves clients health insurance dollars by avoiding high Emergency Room fees due to a dental problem

6) Dentists able to use software to triage patients and evaluate the needs of a patient or attract new patients

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Dr. Vilas Sastry

Chief Dental Officer

Dr. Vilas Sastry has been in the dental industry for over 25 years. Through his experiences of being a practicing dentist, he was able to find solutions to several of his patient's issues ranging from actual dental care needs to the more complex financial and technological barriers that everyone must navigate. Since 2006, as Chief Dental Officer of Aces Dental's three dental practices, he continues to provide real world dental services in the Las Vegas area. From 2007-2016, Dr. Sastry grew a dental insurance brokerage firm from scratch to a multimillion dollar operation spanning over 3000 dental offices nationwide.  He has gained industry insight from both the dental practitioners perspective and that of the insurance companies that he worked with.  This has allowed him to create solutions that help dental practices, dental insurers, and most importantly, the patients that they serve. Teledentistry.com is the culmination of decades of experience in patient care, dentistry, technology and insurance.  Dr. Sastry graduated from Boston University Dental School in 2005

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*FREE* Teledentistry.com - A Value Added Benefit (recording)