*FREE* How dental insurers can leverage AI for better claim processing (recording)

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Recorded On: 01/12/2021

Processing claims efficiently and effectively is a challenge that all dental insurers face today. Insurers are required to evaluate very large volumes of claims and make adjudication decisions within hours or days. Today, rule-based engines are used to auto-approve most claims and other, high value, claims are passed onto dental consultants for manual review. This process is time consuming and expensive and fraught with limitations which allow for significant fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) estimated at $12.5 billion lost every year.   

 In this session, Videa’s CEO and Chief Dental Advisor, Florian Hillen and Michael Hahn, DDS will explore how dental payers can leverage AI to identify fraudulent activity, triage claims to better prioritize which ones get manually reviewed, and deploy faster and more consistent utilization management. They will also dive into what dental payers can expect in the near future with Real Time authorization.  

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The main types of FWA automatically identified with AI
  • How AI can be used to better triage claims for faster processing and more efficient use of dental consultants
  • How AI can support a faster and more consistent UM process
  • A look into quantifying the value of AI

This webinar was sponsored by videa.ai


Florian Hillen

Founder & CEO


Florian Hillen is the Founder & CEO of VideaHealth, a MIT spinout and leading dental-AI company working closely with the leading providers, clearinghouses, and dental insurers. Previously, he conducted research projects at the intersection of engineering and social science at MIT’s Institute for Data, Systems and Society and Harvard Business School, worked for McKinsey & Company and founded ninu, a digital healthtech start-up. He holds two masters degrees from MIT in Computer Science and Technology & Policy, a bachelors in Management & Technology and has completed the first State exam in Medicine.

Michael Hahn, DDS

Chief Clinical Strategy Advisor


Michael Hahn, DDS is the chief clinical strategy advisor at Videa. Dr. Hahn is the  former Chief Dental Officer at Cigna Dental and Dental Director at Aetna. Dr. Hahn advises Videa on strategy and clinical decisions towards building the most efficient and effective AI solutions for dental insurers. 

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*FREE* How dental insurers can leverage AI for better claim processing (recording)