*FREE* Complement Your Accessibility Reporting with NetMinder (Recording)

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Recorded On: 01/24/2017

Accessibility reporting is part of every sales opportunity and drives many network development decisions. Yet, there are limits to current software solutions. Join us to see how NetMinder can expand and support your existing accessibility reporting. Our discussion will focus on helping your network stand out for small and medium-sized opportunities, with specific emphasis on

  • evaluating network access compared to multiple competitors
  • comparing and contrasting choice and access
  • assessing compliance with network adequacy requirements

NetMinder is the industry standard for dental and vision network data: 90% of the dental market and 50% of the vision plans trust NetMinder as their credible source. More than 3,000 users run 100,000 reports annually comparing 450 dental, vision, behavioral, and medical networks.

Aaron Groffman

President of The Ignition Group

Aaron Groffman started the Ignition Group, the healthcare consulting company that powers NetMinder, in 2004. Aaron is an industry veteran, educated at Wharton and the University of Miami, who ran marketing and competitive intelligence functions and built networks for divisions of Cigna and UnitedHealthGroup. He understands the needs of health plans, sales professionals, and network recruiters for accurate, accessible and cost-effective competitive knowledge. Aaron built NetMinder to meet these needs, and continues to improve it each year based on industry insights from users.

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*FREE* Complement Your Accessibility Reporting with NetMinder (2017)