Building Standout Experiences in the Age of Empowerment (2017)

Recorded On: 03/28/2017

The Empowered Client has arrived. With information at their fingertips and platforms to share opinions, clients understand the power they yield in the marketplace. Service providers and salespeople used to be expert authority figures but now, as information has become readily available, the role of the service provider is changing. The time has come to challenge conventional thinking and explore bold new approaches to relationship building in the face of disruption and shifting demographics. Leveraging the client experience is more important than ever. Supported with cutting edge research and category leading case studies, this program will take a deep dive into the evolving expectations of today’s empowered clients.


  • Decode the major trends impacting connected and empowered consumers
  • Explore how disruptors have created elevated expectations around speed, transparency,
  • simplicity and personalization
  • Create a roadmap to build stand-out client experiences
  • Provide takeaways on how to best engage empowered clients


  • Peer recommendations are influencing more than 90% of all B2B buying decisions (Minsky and Quesenberry,
  • Skilled social media sales professionals are six times more likely to exceed quota over peers with basic or
  • no social media skills (Minsky and Quesenberry, HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, 2016)
  • 70% of global consumers trust online reviews (Global Trust in Advertising Report, NIELSEN)
  • The vast majority of Millennials report taking action on behalf of brands and sharing brand preferences in
  • their social groups. (BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP)

Kimberly Lear

Inlay Insights

Lear began her career at a research and consulting firm studying Millennial trends and generational dynamics. After serving as director of content for 5 years, Kim created Inlay Insights where she is at the forefront of cutting edge research to uncover cultural shifts that revolutionize how organizations engage employees and consumers. She is known for her ability to use a mix of data, storytelling, humor, and actionable takeaways to discuss the trends that most impact the bottom line of organizations. Kim has keynoted for some of the most renowned companies in the world. She has received rave reviews from clients such as American Express, Cisco Systems, Deloitte, Disney, General Mills, Linked In, Mastercard, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Wells Fargo, and more.

In addition to speaking, Kim has written whitepapers on the topics of generational wealth transfer in the finance sector, retirement trends in the hospitality industry, and the impacts of mindfulness practices on healthcare costs. A researcher to the very core, Kim employs eye-opening statistics to accentuate her points and mixes them with stories and case studies to make her message come alive. She is a sought-after expert and has been featured on NPR as well as national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, USA Today and more. She is currently the head of research on a new book published by Harper Collins about Gen Z, the teenage demographic.

About Inlay Insights

Inlay is a social insights company. Inlay identifies emerging cultural trends that impact the way we work, the way we buy, and the way we live. Inplay puts those trends to work for businesses, marketers and researchers.

Through inside access to top universities and some of the best companies in the world, Inlay Insights brings clients holistic and actionable perspectives on the new world of work and the needs of the new consumer.


Building Standout Experiences in the Age of Empowerment (2017)