Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Dental Analytics

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Recorded On: 10/05/2021

Discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced with Big Data is unlocking exciting new possibilities in the dental market.  

The future of dental is bright with data and analytics that incorporate exciting new advancements in artificial intelligence — everything from A.I.-powered dental image analysis to uses in maintaining accurate, cost-effective and efficient dental claim review operations. These advancements can help payers serve members more effectively while managing costs. However, A.I. is only as effective as the underlying data powering it. A.I.-powered image analysis can only operate on the fraction of claims that contain accompanying x-rays of acceptable quality. Plus, the current regulatory environment requires experienced human dental consultants to be in the loop. In this session, presenters will discuss how A.I.-enhanced image analysis, algorithmically derived claims analysis and highly trained human dental consultants complement each other to provide opportunities for the ultimate in utilization review effectiveness. In addition, this session will explore the latest progress on the artificial intelligence initiatives developed with  P&R Dental’s strategic partner, Denti.AI Technology Inc.

Michael Urbach


P&R Dental Strategies

Mike is executive vice president, Strategic Sales & Business Development for P&R Dental Strategies and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of driving revenue growth for our dental analytics business solutions. Mike has over 20 years’ experience in the health care informatics space and has developed and successfully sold a variety of informatics solutions to all stakeholders in the health care marketplace including payers, providers, suppliers and consumers. Mike has worked at informatics companies large and small, public and private, including: HCIA, Solucient, Pharmetrics and IMS Health. Mike has a BA from Syracuse University and an MBA and an MHA from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Dental Analytics