A Medicare Dental Benefit: No Longer a Just a Pipe Dream

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Recorded On: 09/24/2020

The COVID-19 emergency and recession is forcing Americans to again focus on healthcare reform, and the odds of a major healthcare reform push in 2021 are growing. Speaker Pelosi advocates adding dental and vision benefits to Medicare, and four recent bills include a Medicare dental benefit. For the first time, a Medicare dental benefit is not a pipe dream. But will this benefit leverage leading private sector practices to deliver the best and most cost effective dental coverage for seniors?

Mike Adelberg


Faegre Drinker Consulting

Mike Adelberg is the leader of Faegre Drinker Consulting’s health care strategy practice. He brings unique insights into the processes, policies and people driving the major government healthcare programs—Medicare, Medicaid and “Obamacare” (the Affordable Care Act). Before joining Faegre Drinker Consulting, Mike held several senior positions within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). He was responsible for establishing Affordable Care Act policy for pediatric dental coverage and Stand Alone Dental Plans and, prior to that, oversaw Medicare Advantage contracting and market conduct, including with regard to dental supplemental benefits. Since joining Faegre Drinker, Mike has led numerous engagements related to the regulation of dental plans and helping dental plans pursue new opportunities within government programs

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A Medicare Dental Benefit: No Longer a Just a Pipe Dream